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  • Lapin Quotidien is a premium event agency.
  • Experts in Live Communication.
  • Seniors in Strategic Corporate Events.
  • Masters in High End Private Events.
  • Passion for Brands and Elegance.
  • Benelux Event Award Winner.

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Allow us to give the term "rebel" a positive connotation.

We will challenge you and your brand, with extraordinary concepts and our strategic approach.

By doing so, we aim to lift you to a higher level, all the time while focussing on the essence of your brand and by never losing sight of those goals and core values.

After all, we are creative, devoted and elegant rebels.


We strip elegance down to what it should be: the quality of being pleasingly original, graceful and simple, in a stylish way. Or as Paulo Coelho puts it: ' Elegance is synonymous with good taste, amiability, equilibrium and harmony.'

We master the art of applying these small yet essential and aesthetic details, that boost the quality and uniqueness of our events.

It culminates in our well-thought out, neatly completed and refined product: your premium event.

DNA Creativity

You wonder how we achieve this well-thought out, creative, and premium event for your brand? Through DNA Creativity! Say what now?

We start off by really getting to know you and your brand. Who and what are you? Who and what do you represent and what are your goals? What would you like to achieve by hosting this event?

So in stead of throwing a random creative concept at you, we will present you with one that is entirely relevant and linked to the DNA of your brand.

Resulting in an event that will fit you like a glove.

Looking for a creative, no-nonsense partner to organise your event?

Would you like to create a great experience for your audience?

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Our clients

These brands trust us to organise their events. We have a broad experience in the automotive, the bank industry, the world of construction, beauty events and others.

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