5 Tips to Make Your Booth Stand out of the Fair

  • 15/03/2017
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5 Tips to Make Your Booth Stand out of the Fair

It is that time of the year again. All kinds of fairs are being launched these days. And lots of smaller ànd bigger brands are struggling to create the perfect booth within their budget.

We will give you 5 crucial tips to create and deliver the perfect booth for your brand at any fair.

Logo recognition

Obvious as hell, you say? Look around you and you will believe us : lots of brands forget that "obvious" part. Your logo is the part where the consumer finds trust. Your client will recognise it from all your online and offline marketing efforts. As it creates an "aha moment" to your clients and prospects, make sure your logo is seen immediatly when they approach your booth.

Design linked to your Brand DNA

If you have a booth of 10m2 or 10.000m2 ; if you only have 1.000euros to spend on design, or if you have 100.000euro, the principle is the same : you need to link to your brand DNA. Are your core values happiness and client centricity? Make sure that these 2 elements are well experienced when your target groups enter your booth. Treat your booth just like an advertisment : it needs to link to your Brand DNA to guarantee a significant ROI. And do not forget the details...

Scent Marketing

A totally underestimated element. You may have noticed it when you went shopping : lots of trendy urban shops use scents to stimulate the emotional part of your 2 million year old brain. They do this for a reason. The olfactory sense is easy to reach and will influence purchase behaviour without your customers noticing it.

Let us give you some examples. Are you selling a house? Then launch the scent of baking warm bread. It gives a cosy, warm, home feeling to your potential client. The scent of coffee will activate and stimulate people. Is your brand selling the promise of rest and relaxation? Launch the scent of grass fields. You can even create your own scent, especially for your brand. So, go out and play! 

Moving Images

We live in a world of screens. Moving images on screens draw our attention, anywhere we are. Do the test while you are dining with your friends? Put on the TV on a channel with content nobody cares about. It will still distract everyone and change lots of the subjets you were talking about. 
The same thing happens on a fair. People are attracted to video images played on a screen. Go create fabulous brand related content, go rent great technology and project these images in a loop. It will give your booth a great boost in attention. 

No crew, no glory

All previous tips are useless, if the staff on your booth is ugly, wears the bad clothes and is unfriendly. 
Go back to your Brand DNA. Screen and select the people that fit this DNA. Provide them the right clothes (a fresh shirt one for every new fair-day please). And motivate them. Not only financially or with targets. Teach them everything about your brand. Make them your brand ambassadors. Their enthusiasm will be noticed by your clients and prospects. They will take your booth to the next level.  

Apply every of these five tips when you develop your next booth. You will see your ROI will increase significantly.

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Written by Laurent Lootens, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.