How Facebook Wins The War Against Snapchat

  • 13/04/2017
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How Facebook Wins The War Against Snapchat

It is all about ego. When Snapchat went to the stockmarket, Evan Spiegel became a worldwide rockstar and dated a bunge of supermodels. 
That must have hurt the ego of Mark Zuckerberg. His ego is by the way the reason he started Facebook. So now, he immediatly implemented some typical Snapchat features to Facebook.

Let us show you how Facebook wins the war on attention, just by copying and improving Snapchat's strengths.

Snapchat is amazingly popular because of the great filters and the temporary stories. Facebook found a way to copy and improve this.

After Instagram (owned by Facebook) successfully launched "stories", Facebook did the same thing.
You can now add your personal short disappearing story on Facebook. As if you were on Snapchat.

Second change Facebook made recently is that you can now add really amazing filters to your pictures. Which was an absolute USP for Snapchat. 

The new easy in app camera by Facebook, makes your video content even more creative and emotional. Video Marketing is hot, and will be smoking hot when marketeers will learn how to storytell natively via Facebook videos.

Another change is the Facebook Live feature. This is a powerful way for brands to communicate fast, directly and personally to their audience.  

Facebook is by the way IN LOVE with emoticons. Advertisers who use emoticons in their posts will be rewarded by giving them more exposure.
It is all about LAUGH, CRY, WOW, ACT and LOVE. So, as a marketing manager, use them as much as you can! 

The "Live Location" feature is also a very powerful add-on. With this feature you can send your exact location in a private message to a friend. 

All these clever new features by Facebook disarm Snapchat. But of course, we also believe that the ego of Evan Spiegel is also huge. So we expect a counter attack by Snapchat. But in the end, we believe Mark Zuckerberg is smarter, is more hungry and will win this war on attention.

Written by Laurent Lootens, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.