How to Communicate your Value Proposition on a Corporate Event

  • 07/03/2017
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How to Communicate your Value Proposition on a Corporate Event

Organising a corporate event is always an investment, on which your CEO will expect a Return on Investment.

We have already told you how to increae that ROI on a corporate event.  

Now we will explain you how to communicate your Value Proposition on your event, so that your ROI will reach the top.

What is a Value Proposition?

A Value Proposition (VP) is a marketing term used to indicate the unique value your product or brand offers to your customers. Your product has certain features, which deliver benefits to your customers. Take your time (a couple of days) to discover and write down all the benifits of your product, and which benefit every feature delivers. Once you know which benefits differentiate you from your competitors, you can define your Value Proposition. It is the promise or the unique value delivered by your product (or brand in general) to your customers. This is the part where you can define WHY your customer buys your product, and not the similar one from your competitor.

How to communicate that Value Proposition

Now you have your clear statement to convince your customer to buy your product. But how do you communicate that message? 

First of all, make sure your VP is a clear and easy to understand message.
Then add emotions by finding the right image to communicate that VP. It can be subtle, but it needs to tickle the emotional part of the 2 million year old brain of your customer. So try to show them fear, happiness, trust, anger or another basic emotion. Link your product to (reverse) that emotion. Then they will understand your product or service.

After that, you need to find the right channels to communicate that emotional message. Without any doubt, your VP must be visible as soon as a customer gets on your website. 
Then you need to set up a strategy. Tell your story. Step by step. Make small stories, that contribute to that bigger story. Short videos for example. Share this where your audience is. Are they on Linkedin? Snapchat? Are they still watching TV for 5 hours a day? Go and communicate on the channels where your audience is. And make sure you adapt your message according to the channel. 

Communicate your Value Proposition during your Corporate Event

When organising a corporate event, use the same narratives to communicate that message to your audience. 
Always keep in mind that every time your audience gets in contact with your event, you must show them your VP.

Tell a story, relevant to your Value Proposition. Start with a pre event communication strategy by overthinking the whole process of the invitation (save-the-date, invite, confirmation mail,..). Then think about every single element of your event. Create and communicate the story linked to your VP. Do it subtle, some details will make the difference. In the clothing of the hostesses, in the choice of the drinks, in the way you set up your stage and decoration,... every single part of the event is an opportunity to show your VP.

When applying these simple rules, your audience will understand your brand and your product. And above all, they will know why they buy your product, and not that of your competitors. They will even become real brand ambassadors.

Now, it is up to you. Start doing! And call us if you need any help. We reply to every phone call. We will guide you by phone for free! Call Laurent Lootens on 0032 486 43 43 48 for some extra free advice.

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Written by Laurent Lootens, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.