How To Create A Catering Concept For Your Corporate Event

  • 28/05/2019
  • events

How To Create A Catering Concept For Your Corporate Event

A couple of years ago, a corporate event was a success when all went fluently, people had fun and the event agency respected the budget. But now, guests on a corporate event are used to be spoiled emotionally. They want a full experience. A story told by a brand in a non commercial way. A brand experience that triggers the senses. An experience that makes sense, from the invitation, through the animations, the food, the give away until the after event communication. As a brand, you need to create an event concept. A story with a clear message to tell your audience. A good event is not good enough. It needs to tell a story and provide an overall conceptual experience.

An important part of a corporate event is the catering. It mostly represents 30% of the total invoice of the event. Yet, most event managers leave caterers in their comfort zone when they ask for a collaboration. So a caterer can present and execute the food and the drinks they know best and have the best profit margin. No risks in taste and presentation.

I am a huge fan of conceptual catering. It means : food & drinks that are adapted to the concept and the story of the event. It is the end of "good enough". The end of mediocre caterers. It is time for hyper creative, niche caterers. Creativity is key. Brands should be way more "pushy" towards caterers to serve them a food concept that suits their creative event concept. To think beyond the classic dishes, the standard dress code for the waiters, the traditional glass of cava.

Served by robots or by traditional French waiters with white gloves, presented in tubes, plexi balls or small pirate boxes, it does not matter. As long as it suits the brand message. The right food, presented in the right way to the right people will make your event a success. Do not let your caterer fool you with a standard offer they present to all their other clients.

It all starts at the briefing. In stead of asking a standard offer for a welcome drink, a walking dinner and an open bar for 200 people at venue X, give your caterer all the insights into the concept of the event. Show all the visuals, your idea, your dream,... Challenge your caterer, he will love it. And if he doesn't? Oh well... Then it is time to change and partner up with someone new.

Written by Laurent Lootens - Lapin Quotidien, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.