Instagram TV - What All Brand Managers Should Know

  • 11/07/2018
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Instagram TV - What All Brand Managers Should Know

The war on attention of the customer going in overdrive. Brands struggle with creating the right kind of content on all social media platforms. They only talk about themselves and refuse to really go into dialogue on social media.


And just now that some brands start to understand some of the tactics on social media, Instagram creates a total revolution : Instagram TV


It is about the creation and distribution of long form video content, in a vertical way. Very poppy, very entertaining, snackable and very realistic. That is what people are looking for : real reality TV. Not fake reality TV like Big Brother and Temptation Island, but the real stuff. Instagram TV offers just that : a real, longform, inside look into the lives of the bold and the beautyful.


As you know, marketers and brands ruin everything. So, we all know brands will try to get a part of this new attention. But I can guarantee you, if your brands starts showing off and starts being self centric on this new platform, your brand will not get any attention. To me, one word is crucial. Entertainment. Please, dear brand managers, learn how to entertain on this Instagram TV platform and you will crush all competition! 


Go out to discover Instagram TV. Watch and listen first. Watch what successful people do on that platform. Analyze the reason why the are successful. You will soon discover that there are a couple of ingredients that make a great recipe. Regular (daily!) posting, entertaining in an easy way (just document the journey) and use a realistic and human approach. Do not overdesign your content, do not fake it, do not mention your brand. But know what your brand stands for and what your target group(s) love. And you will succeed.


Now it's up to you. Go out and enjoy this new era of marketing and communication. I love it! Do you?


Written by Laurent Lootens - Lapin Quotidien, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.