Lapin Loves... Eva Bos

  • 17/03/2016
  • lapinloves

Lapin Loves... Eva Bos

Tucked in a historical house in the Vlaanderenstraat in Gent, we find Atelier Eva Bos & Bos Bloemen. 

Since 2007 Eva and her sister Barbara display in their shop a unique collection of "pretty little things", as they simply call it.
Lapin dove down the rabbit hole, to find out more.

Eva, designer and teacher at the Fashion Academy, is also a "notoire collectionneur" and a tremendous fan of Paris. 

"In Paris they taught me to forget about rules ", she explains, " it's about aesthetics, colour combinations that no-one else dares to use and pretty flowers."

 Her collection of vintage fashion pieces by designers such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs a.o reflects this philosophy.

Accumulated with these pièces uniques, Eva shows some of her own tailored pieces along with the work of young, promising designers.

How do flowers fit in, one wonders.

 Eva tailors to the needs of many blushing brides and apart from "the" dress and a pair of killer heels, a wedding or any other special occasion needs..., you guessed it, flower power!


The Bos sisters' originality and creativity, their rebellion against the classical rules of the fashion industry and their obvious elegance...of course this is a match made in heaven with LAPIN QUOTIDIEN.

Written by Laurent Lootens, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.