• 13/05/2016
  • lapinloves


Not a festival, but a "catalyst for creative culture in the world", Burning Man, in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada (U.S), is a yearly happening, taking place from the last Monday of August until the first Monday of September a.k.a Labour Day.

Named after the legendary, gigantic wicker man that is traditionally burned at the end of this week, Burning Man creates an experimental community based on radical self-expression and radical self-reliance. The participants are expected to take care of themselves in every way imaginable, and to assist one another in doing so by means of "gifting". (not to be confused with "trading"!)

Any money transactions are avoided and the emphasis is on total freedom.

Furthermore, all temporary citizens of Black Rock City are encouraged to showcase their talents and to strut their stuff, resulting in art, music, poetry, inventions and creations that blow your mind.

In 1986, Larry Harvey and Jerry James, laid out the foundations for Burning Man, when they started a yearly bonfire on the sands of Baker Beach, San Fransisco. The bonfire took place during the solstice and was concluded by the burning of a 2,7 meter tall wicker man. When the burning of this wicker man was prohibited in 1990, they moved out to the Nevada desert .

In 1991 the first "legal" Burning Man happening took place.

Currently a handful of laws do apply in order to keep all operations running smoothly and incident-free. Guarding those laws, are the Black Rock City Rangers.

This year's theme is Da Vinci's Workshop: an attempt to recreate the potent, cultural and artistically inspiring atmosphere that reigned in Florence during the 15th century. 

A New Renaissance that Lapin wouldn't mind to be a part of!

Written by Laurent Lootens, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.