• 19/04/2016
  • lapinloves


Argentinian born Tomas Saraceno is an artist, trained as an architect. In 2009 he also attended the International Space Studies Program at Nasa Ames.

His work reflects the inspiration and knowledge he derives from fields such as architecture, natural science and (aeronautical) engineering.

They are floating sculptures and interactive installations that suggest possible models for an alternate way of life.

Tomas has exhibited at many a solo and group exhibitions around the globe, like Tokyo, Milan and the biennale at Venice to name a few.

Currently his largest installation yet is to be seen at K21 in Düsseldorf: a large safety net with plexiglass transparent spheres, spun over the three floors of the museum, like a gigantic spiderweb in which visitors can walk, talk and sit.

Lapin is inspired and intrigued!

Written by Laurent Lootens, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.