SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING is like being in a BAR - 5 Out of the Box Social Media Tips

  • 28/11/2017
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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING is like being in a BAR - 5 Out of the Box Social Media Tips

As you all know, social media has taken an important place in the world of marketing and beyond. When you look around you, you will see people on their smartphones all the time. On these smartphones, people spend more than 60% of their time on social media like Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Snapchat,, etc. 
We have been talking to many people about social media marketing, and the conclusion is that so many people use social media the wrong way. Espacially brands and marketeers use it the wrong way, ny just posting without respecting the core principles of social media.

This is why we have created 5 easy tips, that will make you understand social media a little better, and that will help you to get more return out of it. So here they are... 

1. Start by understanding that social media are social. It's about people. Humans. So our first tip is about thinking about social media as bars. Yes, bars, cafés, places where you have a drink. This is sò crucial to keep in mind when you are on social media. Because it will give you the guidelines to act and react properly. When you are in a bar, you know that no one loves the ones that only talk about themselves. That nobody loves the ones that never speak. And that nobody likes the ones that speak all the time. In a bar, to be popular, you need to be able to listen, to talk about different subjects and you need to be empathetic. Got it? 

2. As social media are bars, you need to understand that every bar is different. You will behave differently in a sportsbar than in a premium cocktail bar in London, right? You are still the same person, but you will have a slightly different behavior. You will dress and talk differently. That is exactly what you should do when you are on social media. Be another kind of you when you are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. Look at what people want when they are on different kinds of platforms, and adapt your behavior to that.

3. Talk and listen to the people. Reply as much as you can, by being friendly, empathetic or funny. Be a human. Even if you are a brand. Don't sell straight away. Have a talk first. It's like dating. Do not be the 17 year old kid that wants to kiss the girl right away. Play, talk, tease, be funny, seduce and maybe shé will make the move before you do!

4. Try every new drink in the bar. Try the "today's specials". On social media, that means trying every new feature as soon as they come out. Instagram and Facebook for example launch new features almost every week. Try them immediatly. For fun. But also because it will make you better on social media!

5. Don't focus on seducing the whole bar. You can't. On social media, that means : do not focus too much on the number of followers you have. Just do your thing, and build a strong relationship with the ones that are following you. That is the only thing that matters! 

And a little extra : do not forget to get along with the bartender. He is the boss. That means you need to listen to what every social media platoform wants in a specific period of time. Facebook evolves, hates fake news and loves pictures of friendly faces. Linkedin does not like external links to other websites. And Instagram wants you to use stories. Give them what they want. it will make you a better guest in their bar. Because you must never forget : it is THEIR bar, not yours.

So, we hope this was useful to you! If you liked it, please comment and share it on your social media.

Written by Laurent Lootens, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.