The Best Way to Create a Brand Experience

  • 16/05/2017
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The Best Way to Create a Brand Experience


Branding is a game made for every industry in the corporate world. Whether your company is active in the automotive, the pharma industry, the world of construction, media or fashion, you will always need to treat your product or company as a brand.

A solid marketing strategy for your brand is about defining your Value Proposition, your identity, your values, your target groups, your focus, your vision and mission. Once that job is done, it is time to translate your strategy into a brand experience, so that your customer will start to know your brand and will buy the products of your brand.

These days, you have plenty of ways to develop this brand experience. According to us, the best way to create a brand experience in 2017, is to build actual relationships with your audience. 
A clever mix of event marketing and digital marketing will put your brand on a whole new level. 

Event Marketing

On a regular basis, you should invite your audience to a small, medium or big event, so that you can meet your target groups in real life. To create a real brand experience, you should develop a stunning concept for the event, invite some influencers relevant to your market and connect. Ask them to help you to tell your story. Give them value to take home. Think about product launches, press conferences, bloggers events, incentives, fashion shows, previews, etc.

Digital Marketing

As you can not always be on an event with your audience, you must continue the journey on a daily basis online. The exact same brand experience you have created for your events should be told through your digital marketing channels. Here again, develop a creative story and tell it natively on every social platform. Adapt your content to the platform but always keep your higher marketing strategy in mind so that it makes sense.

And then : engage, engage and engage. Do what your grandmother would have done. Is it someones birthday? Is someone graduating? Has a client lost a relative? Send them a kind message, right from the heart. Or bake a cake and send it. React and follow back. 


That is how your marketing strategy will be translated into a strong brand experience. That is how your target groups will love your brand and tell their friends about you.
Of course, print is not dead; radio is a fair trade and sponsoring a local sports association won't harm your brand either. But if you have to focus, focus on event marketing and digital marketing. It will change your life.
And do not forget, the differentiator on both event and digital marketing, is creativity... 

Written by Laurent Lootens, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.