The Concept of SOCIAL TV and Why Event Managers Should Remarket Themselves

  • 05/12/2018
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The Concept of SOCIAL TV and Why Event Managers Should Remarket Themselves

Event Marketers need to remarket themselves. 

I believe event managers are the missing link in the world of the mareting stars of today, the digital marketers. Digital Marketers only speak about technics, tricks, growth hacks, SEO, SEA, etc. 

Digital marketers never talk about creating experiences and emotions. And that is exactly what event managers are the best at : creating experiences and emotions. 

Brands struggle to get the right attention on social media. Because they listen too much to the technical marketers, and because they "advertise" on social media like they used to advertise on tv or in magazines.

This brought me to developing the concept of "SOCIAL TV". A way for brands to create entertaining content around their brand instead of interrupting people while they are searching for a moment of leisure, escapism or education (that's what people want, when they are on social media). 

Social TV is a concept in which brands create their own "show". An entertaining show. A show that people want to see. Entertainment is used in the large sense, to me, entertainment is fun as well as educational. An entertaining show, without selling or talking about their brand. It is not only about video, but also about text and audio. It all depends on the brand and that brand's DNA.

I am finishing a management book about a new marketing ecosystem, called “Entertainment Marketing”. 

In that ecosystem we combine event marketing and digital marketing in a clever way, in order to get relevant data through different forms of entertainment. Thanks to the data, brands can create and distribute content in a very personal way (like Netflix does). AND, more important, they can SELL in a more clever and personal way.

Entertainment Marketing is a way of marketing for brands, without interrupting people's precious time. The end of advertising as we know it. And I believe event managers have a huge role to play in this debate.

Written by Laurent Lootens - Lapin Quotidien, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.