The Newest Corporate Event Trends

  • 29/04/2019
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The Newest Corporate Event Trends

I have shown that Event Marketing is an imporant tool in marketingland today. It has become a part of the Ecosystem of Entertainment Marketing in which brands entertain on Event Marketing and on Digital Marketing.

Now, I would like to go a little deeper into Event Marketing and give you a couple of insights into the newest trends in the world of corporate events. 

According to me, these are the Trends in Corporate Event Marketing today.


  • Conceptual Experience

A couple of years ago, a corporate event was a success when all went fluently, people had fun and the event agency respected the budget. But now, guests on a corporate event are used to be spoiled emotionally. They want a full experience. A story told by a brand in a non commercial way. A brand experience that triggers the senses. An experience that makes sense, from the invitation, through the animations, the food, the give away until the after event communication. As a brand, you need to create an event concept. A story with a clear message to tell your audience. A good event is not good enough. It needs to tell a story and provide an overall conceptual experience.


  • Alternative Transportation

People still use the car very often to go to corporate events. But, as an event planner, you should at least try to think about alternative ways of reaching the event venue. Public transportation like the train, bus & metro are ok, but let's face it, it often limits people in their flexibility as the reliability of public transportation is limited. What can be a real alternative then? Well, event managers are well know for being creative. So... Be creative. Think out of the box. You can foresee large busses combined to a roadmap to pick up people at central spots in the country of your event. You can use apps like Uber and Lyft. Maybe boats can be an alternative to avoid traffic jams? In an extreme case, you can even create a fully digital event so that people do not have to move. The case by Eventex was a great example on how to create a successful digital event. Be creative! 


  • Facial Recognition Check-In

We are all familiar with digital check-in systems with iPads, QR codes and other paperless ideas. But have you already heard about facial recognition check-in? It is new, fresh and it makes the dull check-in a true animation and a conversation starter. Personally, I really like this one!

  • Ecologic

I will not bother you too much with this one. Because according to me, the ecological aspect of events (and of anything else in the world) is often abused for self-enrichment. We all want a greener planet, but we do not want fake projects. But there are a couple of things you can do. 

There are ecological power groups to supply green electricity on your event. 

Or you can go for sustainable cups, plates, glasses, etc. But according to me, an event should be fun and creative. To be "green", just use your common sense and be reasonable. It will already help a lot.

  • FoodTrends

Fresh, healthy, tasty, instagrammable, local, fast, cheap, conceptual, well served... We want it all and we want it now! 

I am a huge fan of conceptual food. It means : food that is adapted to the concept and the story of the event. It is the end of "good enough". The end of mediocre caterers. It is the start for hyper creative, niche caterers. Creativity is key. Brands should be way more "pushy" towards caterers to serve them a food concept that suits their creative event concept. 

Served by robots or by traditional French waiters with white gloves, presented in tubes, plexi balls or small pirate boxes, it does not matter. As long as it suits the brand message. The right food, presented in the right way to the right people will make your event a success. Do not let your caterer fool you with a standard offer they present to all their other clients.

  • Low Alcohol

A glass of prosecco at the welcome, white wine, red wine during the walking dinner and beer during the after party : that is sò 2003. Again, it is up to you to challenge your caterer. Of course, the choices of drinks need to fit the event concept. But it also needs to be low on alcohol. I do not mean that there should be no alcohol, of course. If people want a double wodka martini : be my guest, they should be served properly. But for those who still need to drive or who just take care of their health, there must be an awesome choice. There should not just be a low or no alcohol "alternative". No. The low or no alcohol should be the main proposal at the bar! Extreme? Trust me, we are going that way. 

Tailor Made Drinks is an amazing way of proposing a high tech experience in which your guests can chose how much alcohol there is in their drink. 

Hannah Van Ongevalle is the best female bartender in the world. As a mixologist, she creates amazing cocktails low in alcohol. She also inspires people to create stunning drinks at home. Because also at home, the low of no alcohol drinks must be more creative than just a diet coke. Right? 

  • Shareable on Digital

The latest trend I want to share with you is not that new. But it is still not used well. An event should be shareable on digital media for your guests. People want to show off to their freinds that they are on a place that their friends are not. That is a mental state that you really need to understand when designing your event. Create a proper hashtag, make sure there is solid performing wifi. But think beyond all this : create places and moments on which people can take out their phones and start sharing like crazy. Crack the viral code : moments of surprise, amazement and joy are the 3 most important elements in the viral cocktail. Use them. 


So, I hope this was very useful to you? If it does, please feel free to connect with me and debate this piece of content. You can find me on Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter or just by mail via

See you!

Written by Laurent Lootens - Lapin Quotidien, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.