The Renaissance of Event Marketing

  • 23/05/2017
  • events

The Renaissance of Event Marketing

Event Marketing has had some tough times during the crisis of 2007-2009. After that period, it was never the same again, for event agencies and event marketing in general. 

Since a year or two, digital marketing has been crushing the traditional media like print, radio and TV. Thanks to digital marketing, marketing managers start to understand that building real relationships with their audience is crucial. In a day-to-day relationship, digital media are great to share content and to engage personally as a brand.

As you all know, content is king. And your audience wants to share exclusive content to show théir audience how important théy are. That is where clever event marketing comes into play. Creating a brand experience during a live event is very important. Not only for the day of the event and the experience on the event itself. Your event needs to be elegant, beautiful and well designed so that your audience will be able to share the content of your event on social media. So, make your animations and our design shareable. And make sure there is a perfect wifi connection on your event venue...

Your whole event should be designed thinking about how people would share your content the right way through their phone on social media. 

That is how event marketing and digital marketing go hand in hand. It is the revival of event marketing, thanks to the total break through of digital marketing.

Written by Laurent Lootens, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.