The Secret About Influencer Marketing

  • 19/04/2017
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The Secret About Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the marketing hype of the moment. As it is a hype, lots of marketing and brand managers are trying to apply it to their market.

But as we have noticed, lots of brands fail in this new marketing hype...

Let us reveal you the secret ingredient about a successful influencer marketing strategy.

Brands see influencers too often as a medium of advertising. They start by providing an anual budget for "influencer marketing". After that, they make a couple of mistakes. But the biggest mistake is to hit up an influencer, send them your product and pay them a sum of money to make a couple of posts on social media. This will be a guaranteed fail.

The most important element is to reverse engeneer the relationship with your influencer. Influencers want to create a relationship with their audience. They want to deliver great content and show them the latest trends in a certain market. In other words, influencers are looking for amazing content, not just "money" from a brand. 

So before sending your product and offering money to the influencers you want to reach, think about which value you can give them. Do not put your brand first. Put the influencer first. They will spread the love. 

The moment you understand this process, you will be able to obtain a much higher ROI on your Influencer Marketing budget. 

Good luck!

Written by Laurent Lootens, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.