What a marketeer can learn from this Festival Summer

  • 27/06/2017
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What a marketeer can learn from this Festival Summer

Summertime! That means 2 months full of festivals of all kinds. More than ever, these events are extremely successful. This festival culture is very interesting to follow, especially if you are a marketeer or a brand manager. 

What can you as a marketeer learn from this festival culture? 
Easy, it is all about the full experience!

These are the 3 most important lessons to remember. 

1. Native storytelling on every social platform
Before, during and after a festival, their digital marketing is perfectly executed. The most important social platforms are very well used. Announcements, engagement, teasings,... the correct use of different platforms is key to create e real community. Festival Marketeers use short and long videos on YouTube, discussions on Twitter, entertaining on Facebook, teasing on Snapchat and sharing the lifestyle on Instagram.

2. Digital Marketing = Digital Experience 
Creating posts correctly on every social platform is not enough. Festival Marketeers go further than that. They create a true online experience. Days, weeks and even months before the start of the festival, the audience gets entertained. Whether through music clips, funny videos or interviews, they always get the attention of their audience. They entertain. They never sell! And that is the secret of digital marketing nowadays. Too many brand marketeers do not have the skills or the knowledge to get that same online brand experience. So watch how festivals do it, and see how you can apply this to your brand.

3. Be positive
The atmosphere during festivals is one of peace and love. All equal, all the same. Say no racism or other forms of discrimination. Different cultures live together in harmony. Everyone is positive and happy. That is what young adults are looking for : authenticity, inspiring stories, no fake, happiness, joy, healthy food concepts and pure fun. This is also very important to remember when marketing around your brand. Be positive and get your brand ready for this new openminded world.

We believe all brands should watch these festivals very closely this Summer. Because the trends in festivals today, are the marketing trends for tomorrow.

Written by Laurent Lootens, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.