Why Event Planners Need To Rebrand Themselves As Entertainment Marketers

  • 08/10/2019
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Why Event Planners Need To Rebrand Themselves As Entertainment Marketers

When we corporate event planners have a meeting with marketing managers or CEOs of brands, we sense that we are considered as the "party planners". We organize parties for companies, that is indeed true. But in reality, we create strategic brand experiences that coincide with the brand's DNA.

Corporate Event Planners have the marketing skills to create relevant events for brands and have the emotional intelligence to empathize with the target groups of those brands. 

These talents are essential to succeed as a corporate event planner and to create stunning events.

Yet, when we look at the digital landscape, brands have a hard time catching the attention of potential customers because brands struggle to create the right kind of content. The reason for that is that this content is being created by digital marketers who have amazing technical skills, but they mostly miss the talent of creating emotions and experiences.

But guess what kind of marketer is fluent at creating brand experiences and emotions? Which kind of marketer is the expert in producing entertainment for brands? You got it right : event planners!

According to me, the digital world misses the talent of event planners. That is why I stress the fact that event planners should impose their talent into the digital world. 

Event Planners should be able to create relevant entertainment for brands on digital networks. If you can do it offline, you can do it online. The production process is the same : what is the brand's DNA? Empathize with the target groups of the brand you work for. Hit the target group in their interests and emotions. Invent a creative concept. Develop the entertainment within the demanded budget. 

That is how the digital world will finally come into an emotional phase, rather than a technical phase as we see it today. 

Event Planners worldwide : to stay relevant in marketing during the next years, please play a role in the digital world. Impose your talent and help brands to entertain their audience online. They need it. 

Written by Laurent Lootens - Lapin Quotidien, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.