Why your brand should think as a media company on Social Media

  • 15/11/2017
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Why your brand should think as a media company on Social Media

The attention of the consumer, even for B2B brands, is shifting completely to social media. People are constantly watching their phones. At home, in the office, on the toilet, in the car, in the train, whenever possible, people are watching their mobile phone. 
On that phone, people are spending more than 70% of their time on 1 or more social media, like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, Musical.ly, etc.

When people are on social media, they do not want to be interupted by an advertising of your product. Because that is what you do, when you post a picture of your product and tell everybody how great it is. When on social media, people want to be entertained. That is a very important point to remember.

Moreover, every social platform has it's own concept. It's own reason of existing and attracting an audience. People are on Facebook for totally different reasons than when they are on Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin or Twitter.

Ask yourself these 2 questions when posting on social media : 
- are you entertaining or just advertising?
- are you creating a piece of content adapted to the social network you are posting on? 

Avoid selling, start entertaining! That is how and why you need to think as a media company when you are posting on social media. 

Let's say you are the marketing director of a famous champagne brand. It looks normal to you to post beautiful pictures of your amazing champagne bottles and filled glasses on several social platforms. But this will not get you the maximum attention on social media. You need to create entertaining pieces of content, linked to your brand. So, as a champagne brand, you could for example create 5 articles about luxury lifestyle. You could entertain and inform your upscale audience by telling them about the top 5 restaurants in New York, the top 3 art galleries in Tokyo and showing them an interview with a famous chef. 

This kind of content will appeal to your audience much more than pictures of your bottles of champagne. 

So, this is how your brand can start acting like a media company, and be a part of the social networks, without interupting people in their moment of joy...

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Written by Laurent Lootens, owner and Founder of Lapin Quotidien and So-Phi.