No one cares about the content of brands anymore. Brands have a huge following sometimes (see Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Coca-Cola, etc).

Brands should be really customer centric. I mean really customer centric. That means: what are customers looking for when on social media? Entertainment. Leisure. Escapism.

My idea is that brands should go further than ever. They should create their own TV show. Creating a real tv like show, a film, a sitcom, a contest, a travel program, a sports channel, HBO formats,... Related to the DNA of their brand and not about their brand, never. A real tv format, related to their brand DNA (e.g. Durex could create Temptation Island, Dom Pérignon could create a luxury lifestyle show, food brands could create Chef’s Table, etc).

And, that show could ONLY be seen on the social media page of your brand. It’s your show. Your brand will get tons of fans, views, engagement, etc. Cost: does not always have to be a million dollars to create a great format.